05 September 2003

France gets to the right of the Democratic Party

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France confirmed its status as the rogue nation of the eurozone's public finances on Thursday after prime minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin decreed a 3 per cent cut in income taxes that will put further pressure on the country's budget deficit. […] "Solving problems by raising taxes is an archaic attitude," Mr Raffarin said in an interview with Le Figaro. "What we need to do in this country is to encourage work. To share in the fruits of growth, we must first create wealth. That means preferring work rather than taxes."
Funny how impending doom can make certain realities a little clearer.
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Or maybe it's the headgear

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Saudi officials acknowledged that Royal Saudi Air Force has moved most of its fleet of advanced F-15Es to the Tabuk air base, less than 200 kilometers from the Israeli border.
Responding to another concerned commentor, Geepers says:
I know someone has mentioned this before, but I hope we have some secret self destruct mechanism on those planes.
Saudi Pilots?
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Trading death

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The Centre for the New Europe has released a devastating paper that shows the claims of the Euro-statist elite to care for the world's 'have-nots' for what they are: complete lies * 6,600 people die every day in the world because of the trading rules of the EU. That is 275 people every hour.
In other words, one person dies every 13 seconds somewhere in the world - mainly in Africa - because the European Union does not act on trade as it talks.
* If Africa could increase its share of world trade by just one per cent, it would earn an additional £49 billion a year. This would be enough to lift 128 million people out of extreme poverty. The EU's trade barriers are directly responsible for Africa's inability to increase its trade and thus for keeping Africa in poverty.
Meanwhile even ??The Guardian?? is shocked at the hostility of the EU-lite to the poor nations of the world [source]:
The European commission yesterday launched a ferocious attack on poor countries and development campaigners when it dismissed calls for big cuts in Europe's farm protection regime as extreme demands couched in "cheap propaganda".
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Name falling

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But the name ["Hillary"] sharply reversed course in 1993, smashing several longstanding records for name contamination in its plunge from the the Top 1000 girl names last year. The title for the most rapid case of name contamination had been held by Ebenezer and then Adolph, names that were shunned by parents after they became associated with Dickens's miserly banker and the Nazi dictator Hitler. But while Ebenezer and Adolph each took over 30 years to fall from the Top 1000 after they were negatively associated with their prominent name sakes, Hillary dropped off the charts in just 10 years, upsetting the prior records in less than 30% of the time. Besides this achievement, Hillary also set records for largest drop in a single year (295 places in 1994), two years (420 places in 1993-1994) and ten years (>864 from 1993 to 2002). These titles taken together constitute the grand slam of name poisoning.
What could have happened circa 1992 that so discredited that name?
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