02 September 2003

Corruption to the left of me …

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Pressure was growing on leaders of the Italian left yesterday over allegations that they took massive kickbacks when Telecom Italia bought a chunk of Telekom Serbia during Slobodan Milosevic's rule. A key financial adviser has accused European commissioner Romano Prodi; a former foreign minister, Lamberto Dini; the leader of the Democrats of the Left party, Piero Fassino; and Rome's mayor, Walter Veltroni, of taking millions of pounds in backhanders when the deal was done in 1997.
Prodi was involved - that figures. He's running another criminal enterprise these days, the European Union.
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Poor and elderly in France rescued by international corporpation

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The sad part is that while the neoleftists are worshipping symbols, McDonalds is taking care of Paris' poor. Many French retirees and low income workers go to McDonalds to buy a coffee or just a bottle of water because it is so much less expensive and they can drink it sitting down. Paris cafés charge higher prices for drinking anything sitting down. But the limousine leftists, who of course would never be caught dead anywhere near a McDonalds, do not know this. They are too busy chowing down where-the-elite-meet-to-eat in the 8^th^ _arrondissement_ right next to their PR firms.
Instapundit asks "Would more M^c^Donald's mean fewer heat deaths? If it saves just one person it would be worth it."
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