01 September 2003

Scamming Commies

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Five young Ukrainian conspirators -- seemingly with a background in the "official communist" Komsomol and well able to pick up the vital factional nuances of left politics in the Anglo-Saxon world -- managed to pass themselves off as "sections" of anything up to 12 different organisations. […]
It looks like they were scamming the Western Communists out of "rent and support money":http://www.bolshevik.org/ukrscandal/Fraud%20against%20the%20workers%20movement.htm. Their secret was to have
recreated in fictional microcosm the factional struggles and rivalries that plague the left in Britain and the US. Negotiations, polemics, splits and all.
They were tripped up when one Western faction saw a picture from a _different_ Western faction and noticed that the leaders from their faction were the same as those for the other faction. From a strong competitor for world domination to the victim of former amatuer actors. Now _that's_ good schadenfruede.
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Soft targeting

By the way, where are all the Western protests about foreign forces invading Iraq in order to kill innocent Iraqi civilians?
-- Tim Blair
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