30 July 2003

Do it differently but not anything new

Congress is demanding that the Pentagon provide better, more accurate intelligence about the state of the world, but freaks out when something new and innovative, electronic terrorism markets, is attempted. The Pentagon tried to set up an electronic market in terrorist act futures [source, source] but the project was shut down due to complaints by idiots in Congress.
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Judicial activism

A federal judge has struck down part of California's recall election law. The ruling says that voters can vote for Governor Davis' replacement even if they don't vote on whether to actually recall Davis. I find this a plausible view, but what the heck is a federal court doing tweaking the election laws of California? Federal courts should intervene only in the most compelling cases (.e.g., you have to contribute to Davis' campaign in order to vote).
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Hey, that's our property!

[source, source] Iran has admitted that a Canadian journalist who died after being arrested was murdered while in custody. Canada has dealt with this in the Canadian way by making inquiring phone calls to the Iranian government. But now Iran has gone too far - they are burying the body in Iran. Dudes, that's a Canadian citizen which means PROPERTY OF CANADA.
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