06 July 2003

If he's right, he's right

Pat Buchanan manages to take a day trip out of Loony-ville and say something both interesting and true.[source]
Our original Constitution divided the powers of the government and put restrictions on those powers, in a Bill of Rights, and in the retention by the states of much of their sovereign power. […] Why did Congress cede its powers? For the most basic of reasons: survival. Decisions on war, peace, race, religion, morality, culture and gender, divide us deeply and emotionally. These are issues where one vote could cost scores of congressmen their seats. Why not turn them over to justices, appointed for life, who never face the voters and who relish remaking our society according to their own vision and beliefs? "Conservatives and liberals fight like cats and dogs and disagree on almost everything," writes Quirk, "but, oddly, agree the Court should have the authoritative role the unwritten constitution provides for. They just disagree on who should control the Court." Why do conservatives and liberals agree that the court should decide such issues? Because both "share an abiding fear and distrust of American majority culture."
The one nit is that I think the conservative and liberal politicians fear _accountability_ more than the culture at large.
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First thing, we get rid of all the socialists …

_Gaffe_, noun: When someone accidentally says something true. Case in point [source, source]:
"France is not yet on the road to heaven, only in purgatory, since we still have Socialists," Mr. Raffarin [the Prime Minister of France] said during a meeting of European center-right leaders and politicians.
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