11 June 2003

Protecting the children

Opponents of an initiative to certify teachers has had to cancel the tests because copies were circulated publicly. They did it to protect the children [source]:
Suzanne M. Wilson, a Carnegie senior scholar and education professor at Michigan State University who attended the meeting, said Mr. Imig circulated the exam to rally criticism.
It wasn't good. ... The test for [the American Board] had running through its bones the ideology of traditionalists ... the framework of direct instruction," she said.
Oh my stars and garters – direct instruction! Actually teaching at children. And most likely in public [schools] as well. Just shocking.
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The way my tax dollars should work

A letter to the editor in the Bangkok Post [source]
A letter to US President Bush and British Prime Minister Blair: Many people accused you of waging the war over Iraq mainly because of your own benefits (oil).

However, I (a Burmese girl) strongly believe that the main purpose of this war was to eradicate "the dictator" Saddam Hussein.

If you wish to prove that the Iraq war was just for "the liberation of the Iraqi people" not for "your own benefits," please eliminate the Burmese dictators immediately. We need only one missile. Help us, please.

Thank you very much.
Konmari (exiled Burmese)

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NY Times credibility watch

The NY Times has run the following correction [source]
An article yesterday about the dismantling of a rusty tower by an Israeli settlement in the West Bank as a gesture of compliance with the American-led peace initiative misstated the origin of Israeli control of the territory. During the 1967 war, Israel seized the West Bank from Jordan and took Gaza from Egypt, not from the Palestinians.
Even for the Paper of Ill Repute that's a stunning display of historical ignorance.
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