15 April 2003

Taking out the trash

US forces in Iraq are stepping back to let the locals get a piece of the action [source].
In the densely populated northeastern slum area of Saddam City, U.S. Marines pulled back to allow local people to hunt "mujahideen" volunteer fighters holed up in the area.

"The locals said they wanted to take charge of Saddam City and we said: 'Roger that'," Lieutenant-Colonel Lew Craparotta, commander of a Marine unit that moved back from the fringes of the suburb, told Reuters.

Yes, the Iraqis are watching this kind of thing and saying “I gotta get me some of that!”:
U.S. Marine Sergeant Daniel Finn told Reuters the enemy opened fire on U.S. troops from six bunkers on the western bank.

"We're not sure how many of them there were, but they opened fire and now they're dead," he said, adding that he guessed there were 15 to 20 Iraqis or other nationals involved.

Who can blame the Iraqis after all they have endured?
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