02 January 2003

Wargaming as citizen education

The popularity of wargames among the geeks means that there are lots of citizens with a good understanding of miliary realities.
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Political car wrecks.

The Daily Pundit details how Republicans and Democrats handle car accidents. Bonus points for not referring to a Kennedy.
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Leftists target the media

Best of the Web has a better alternative to the Leftist plan to influence the media as a counter to the VRWC. Under his plan, there would be
a world in which more than 80% of journalists vote Democratic, and in which left-liberal scholars vastly outnumber conservatives at colleges and universities across the country. It'd be a liberal dream, right?
Imagine the societal influence of such a situation...
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Christopher Hitchens on evil

Christopher Hitchens says that evil exists and one must deal with it.
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David Letterman

A post on David Letterman's Christmas in Afghanistan. There's also his monologue after the 9/11 attacks.
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Idiotarian kills police officer, then boasts about it on the Web

Story. [source]
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Report on European futures

A report on the future demographics of Europe and its economic implications by Karl Zinsmeister. The interesting demographics are near the end of the article. The source has a good discussion as well.

UPDATE: The original link broke so I updated it.

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