29 December 2002

Middle Eastern realities

A conversation in the Middle East, via Little Green Footballs
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Good news in Kenya?

Arap Moi has lost the election and been replaced by Mwai Kibaki who vows to fight corruption.
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California budget crisis

The California state budget deficit is $35 billion. I'd feel sorry for them if they hadn't re-elected Gray Davis, the one who did this to them. Obviously they must think that that's ok.
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Depressing story of the day

Several items from Little Green Footballs.
  • The NY Times reviews a book about suicide bomber in the Middle East without mentioning this central theme of the book. [source]
  • A response to the NY Times publishing an editorial from a blatant liar who has been discredited multiple times on big stories. [source, source]
  • And of course, the obligatory story of a moderate Muslim politician being killed for being moderate. [source]
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