20 December 2002

Occupation and recolonization in Western Sahara

An article on the occupation and recoloniztion of Western Sahara by Morroco, which is ignored because it's not being done by the West or Jews. Via Little Green Footballs.
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Dixiecrats are really Democrats

Mark Steyn comments on racial baggage in the Democratic Party. Via Junkyard Blog
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Verbal Assassination

If it's true that that Republican cross-over votes defeated Cynthia McKinney, then the GOP has shown that not only can it clean up its own bigots: it can also clean up the Democrats'!
- Fred Butzen, reader of Instantman
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Iraq and the Arab Future

From Fouad Ajami via the Brothers Judd
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Can't tell her HAMAS from a hole in the ground

Senator Murray blasts off into the stupid zone.Commentary from Collin May (via Instantman). Senator Murray responds (lamely). A report that Murray intended to provoke. A good roundup with the actual text of the remarks.
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